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It’s true, women fake it sometimes.

In fact, I’m faking it now. I am supposed to have a date tonight with Ned (it would fulfill my “one other date a week” criteria and he seems nice) but I just can’t do it. Work has worn me out this week and I had several sleepless night worrying about Kyle’s “truly wonderful” comment.  Although this goes against everything Charm believes in– I’m faking a work emergency tonight.

What I really need is a good glass of red wine and some Olympic runners in spandex tonight.

Not to worry, I’ll be back in full force next week writing about my escapades at the Democratic convention in Denver.


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Tonight, I’m going on a date. But not with the guy I’m “dating” and I purposely planned it this way. (I’m not cold-hearted, just a bit of a commitment-phobe)

The guy I’m “dating”, lets call him Kyle, is good. He’s interesting, smart, observant and caring. But I fear he is getting the wrong impression of me–namely the impression that we are “dating exclusively”. (update: see Birthday blues for more on this faulty impression).

So, in an effort to clearly define my independence and encourage him to move a bit slower, I’ve decided to have at least one other date per week. Last week was Ed, a gentle giant (I swear he’s close to 7 feet tall). And this week is Jonathan–the PR flack. (Back story here, I met Jonathan last week at a PR party. He works at the same firm as my best friend. She doesn’t know we’re going out yet…)

The potential for this to blow up on me is pretty high, but greater risk comes with greater rewards, right?

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