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Convention love

Convention love

Apologies to my readers–all two of you (I’ve added one more, thanks to Deline)– for the radio silence. I’ve been on back-to-back business trips to Denver and St. Paul for the carnivale of politics.

I’m heading back to my beloved district soon and with a few proclamations of love from Kyle and the surprise re-entrance of an old flame.  It’s already shaping up to be an interesting fall.


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It’s true, women fake it sometimes.

In fact, I’m faking it now. I am supposed to have a date tonight with Ned (it would fulfill my “one other date a week” criteria and he seems nice) but I just can’t do it. Work has worn me out this week and I had several sleepless night worrying about Kyle’s “truly wonderful” comment.  Although this goes against everything Charm believes in– I’m faking a work emergency tonight.

What I really need is a good glass of red wine and some Olympic runners in spandex tonight.

Not to worry, I’ll be back in full force next week writing about my escapades at the Democratic convention in Denver.

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His words are not melting my heart

His words are not melting my heart

And I think I’m missing my “aww” gene.

Kyle is as sweet as he can be, but such flattering phrases seem to have no effect on me.

He whispered (yes, whispered!) this sweet nothing into my ear as we were falling asleep last night and while I should have been shrouded in bliss and cozy in his arms, I simply became clausterphobic and anxiety-ridden.  It was a sleepless night for Miss Charm.

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The Thelma and Louise of DC


So Allie (bless her heart), has taken matters into her own hands. I spoke with her yesterday about my dates with the PR Flack and how I thought he was smart, but probably not my type. When I arrived home last night (Kyle in tow) I found a interesting email from her waiting for me.

Subject: I planted the seed for you. You can thank me later

PRF: alright
  you win
  did she say anything?
Allie: ?
9:06 PM i mean, she just explained why she hadn’t said anything (work, etc)
9:07 PM we didn’t really get into it. i think she had fun, but as you know, it’s hard to read her. from what i gathered, it seemed she picked up on the awkward moments
9:08 PM PRF: hmm
  i’d say that’s a pretty fair assessment
9:09 PM Allie: yeah, i think she was torn because she said you were smart and had similar interests in politics and such
PRF: yeah, i’d say i definitely feel that way too
9:10 PM which is why i wasn’t sure what to do, you know
  i don’t know
 Allie: yeah, i hear you. i think since it appears you’re both feeling the same way
9:11 PM you could keep in touch via email, gchat, facebook, whatever, and then i’m sure that we’ll all be hanging out again and see how it goes.
  that’s just my suggestion which obviously your free ot take it or leave it
 PRF:  yeah i think that makes sense
9:12 PM no sense in pursuing something for the sake of it
 Allie: yeah, exactly.
  and fortunately, it seems that this revelation came early enough
  so there’s nothing preventing you from being friends
9:13 PM no forced make-outs at hip u street bars
  or anything like that
 PRF: yeah, i think in retrospect it was probably a bad idea to the second date on another weeknight
 Allie: 🙂
9:14 PM PRF: oh well, it was fun to get out
  haven’t done that in a while
 Allie: yeah, totally. no more Sette though.

I think that Allie just ended things with the PR Flack for me… Wow.

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Just had lunch with Allie and she took the news surprisingly well. In fact, she thought it was funny. What a relief to have her approval and insiders knowledge. It will really come in handy, if I continue to see the flack.

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So last night was date #2 with the PR flack (remember, he’s the one who works with my best friend, Allie). It went well. I think he’s smart and we share common interests in writing and politics, but I’d say that in terms of serious dating, the attraction just isn’t there.

Actually, I’d pretty much deteremined that the spark wouldn’t ignite after our first meeting, but in the interest of good conversation and company, I casually saw him a couple more times.

My first mistake here was not telling Allie (who introduced the flack and I) about these dates. I figured they were pretty insignificant and I was fairly sure she wouldn’t be on board.

To my defense, these dates were pretty platonic. Both were set-up via email (he didn’t even have my number until last night) and ended with an awkward hug and peck goodnight. Gosh, he didn’t even walk me to my car after the first one (See Immediate Disqualification for an explanation of date #1).  I hardly expected to see or hear from him again.

So now the cat is out of the bag and I’m feeling guilty. To atone for my sins (?) I’ve offered to take Allie out to lunch to explain myself.

Wish me luck.

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Love Whirlwind

Love Whirlwind

Wow. I can’t believe how long it’s been since my last post. It’s been a whirlwind of work lately–but that hasn’t stopped my love life, just my writing. To my (one) loyal reader, I apologize.

The quick update is that I saw Kyle on FIVE consecutive nights last week!

1. Restaurant Week dinner with Kyle, Anne and George

2. Birthday Dinner with the Kyle, his family and friends

3. Birthday drinks with Kyle and more friends

4. Birthday dinner party at Kyle’s farm with friends from college

5. Dinner date at my house.

Number 5 on this list is like that game, “which of these is not like the other”. Yes, I cooked dinner for Kyle after four straight nights of dates. I’m not entirely sure why I did it, but I suppose that he is growing on me. Lone reader, don’t worry: 1. there will always be fodder for the blog and 2. I have a different date tonight.

The phrase “playing with fire” comes to mind…

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