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So there is a certain little speakeasy in a DC suburb that is a favorite of Kyle’s. We went no less than three times last week during the Birthday extravaganza’s and we’re going again tonight with Anne and George.

This place is quickly becoming one of my favorites and it’s drinks are fantastic. But between Kyle’s birthday and Anne’s social planning, I’m turning into a regular—alcoholic, that is…


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Love Whirlwind

Love Whirlwind

Wow. I can’t believe how long it’s been since my last post. It’s been a whirlwind of work lately–but that hasn’t stopped my love life, just my writing. To my (one) loyal reader, I apologize.

The quick update is that I saw Kyle on FIVE consecutive nights last week!

1. Restaurant Week dinner with Kyle, Anne and George

2. Birthday Dinner with the Kyle, his family and friends

3. Birthday drinks with Kyle and more friends

4. Birthday dinner party at Kyle’s farm with friends from college

5. Dinner date at my house.

Number 5 on this list is like that game, “which of these is not like the other”. Yes, I cooked dinner for Kyle after four straight nights of dates. I’m not entirely sure why I did it, but I suppose that he is growing on me. Lone reader, don’t worry: 1. there will always be fodder for the blog and 2. I have a different date tonight.

The phrase “playing with fire” comes to mind…

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Now it seems that I’ve been invited to yet ANOTHER dinner tonight. And my presence is requested by Kyle’s father no less.  This brings up three very important questions:

1. Can one turn down a dinner invitation from a politician?

2. Should I break my other date (and rule of another date per week) to go?

3. What exactly to Kyle’s parents think we are?!?

Three dinners in three nights? I’m in over my head.

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Will blowing out this birthday candle mean lights out on "dating"?

Will blowing out this birthday candle mean lights out on "dating"?

I really don’t like birthday’s. Actually, I’ll rephrase that— I really don’t like birthday’s of those I’m dating.

They always seem to fall at inopportune times in the relationship. They are a push to DTR (define the relationship) or meet the family or some other nail-in-the-coffin of a budding romance.  Or, often as not, a birthday is a looming date by which a established relationship needs to end. I generally don’t like any of these parts of dating.

So, my apprehension of Kyle’s upcoming birthday is nagging, but I had been able to push it away. Afterall, we were still casually seeing one another. No need for elaborate birthday plans, right? WRONG.

This birthday is proving to be a major source of concern for Kyle because he is yet another year older and without a wife or children.  He shared with me last week that his five-year-plan is to have a wife and kid (cue the alarm bells in my head). His one-foot-in-the-grave-the-other-on-a-banana-peel outlook on getting older, is giving me the same feelings about potentially dating him. Unfortunately, the more distance I create, the more Kyle clings. 

My involvement in the week’s festivities already include:

Wednesday:  a dinner with a couple (mutual friends and the ones who set Kyle and I up in the first place).

Thursday: Dinner with Kyle’s mother and father (a well-known politician), Kyle’s best friend (ahem, groomsman) from college and his wife. (I guarantee there will be the awkward introduction, “Mom, Dad, please meet my uhh friend…”)

And now he wants to add drinks with his friends on Friday and a trip to his family farm for dinner on Saturday?

The dilemma remains: how do I keep my space and not offend the birthday boy?

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