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The Thelma and Louise of DC


So Allie (bless her heart), has taken matters into her own hands. I spoke with her yesterday about my dates with the PR Flack and how I thought he was smart, but probably not my type. When I arrived home last night (Kyle in tow) I found a interesting email from her waiting for me.

Subject: I planted the seed for you. You can thank me later

PRF: alright
  you win
  did she say anything?
Allie: ?
9:06 PM i mean, she just explained why she hadn’t said anything (work, etc)
9:07 PM we didn’t really get into it. i think she had fun, but as you know, it’s hard to read her. from what i gathered, it seemed she picked up on the awkward moments
9:08 PM PRF: hmm
  i’d say that’s a pretty fair assessment
9:09 PM Allie: yeah, i think she was torn because she said you were smart and had similar interests in politics and such
PRF: yeah, i’d say i definitely feel that way too
9:10 PM which is why i wasn’t sure what to do, you know
  i don’t know
 Allie: yeah, i hear you. i think since it appears you’re both feeling the same way
9:11 PM you could keep in touch via email, gchat, facebook, whatever, and then i’m sure that we’ll all be hanging out again and see how it goes.
  that’s just my suggestion which obviously your free ot take it or leave it
 PRF:  yeah i think that makes sense
9:12 PM no sense in pursuing something for the sake of it
 Allie: yeah, exactly.
  and fortunately, it seems that this revelation came early enough
  so there’s nothing preventing you from being friends
9:13 PM no forced make-outs at hip u street bars
  or anything like that
 PRF: yeah, i think in retrospect it was probably a bad idea to the second date on another weeknight
 Allie: 🙂
9:14 PM PRF: oh well, it was fun to get out
  haven’t done that in a while
 Allie: yeah, totally. no more Sette though.

I think that Allie just ended things with the PR Flack for me… Wow.


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So there is a certain little speakeasy in a DC suburb that is a favorite of Kyle’s. We went no less than three times last week during the Birthday extravaganza’s and we’re going again tonight with Anne and George.

This place is quickly becoming one of my favorites and it’s drinks are fantastic. But between Kyle’s birthday and Anne’s social planning, I’m turning into a regular—alcoholic, that is…

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Olympic Love?

Olympic Love?

Last night was dinner with Kyle and our good friends Anne and George. While I always enjoy being in their company, I was pleasantly surprised how much fun I had last evening. Dinner was good (thank you DC Resaurant Week) and the company (especially my date) was even better.

I even shocked myself when invited Kyle over for to watch the Olympic coverage after dinner (imagine his surprise!). Typically I avoid such a bold move–especially in light of the birthday blowout week, where we have plans nearly every night. (Note, I did keep to my other rule about a new date a week, see “Immediate Disqualification?” for more.) But perhaps he’s growing on me? Or maybe the Olympics just makes me warm and fuzzy. 

Either way, it’s an interesting new development, but not one that has made me any less anxious about dinner with the parents and best friends this evening. Question of the day: Do I bring a gift?

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Bleeding Heart

He is as sweet as this flower, but am I too cynical?

He is as sweet as this flower, but am I too cynical?

I have always been attracted to men that have a strong sense of civic duty and personal responsibility, but I’ve never met more of a do-gooder than Kyle.

Case-in-point: An email from Kyle this morning

Subject: Heartbreaking

I was listening to an NPR story about the prison population on the way the work this morning. This segment focused on women in prison.  One woman interviewed was in prison with her mother because they had hired someone to kill their abusive husband/father.  Her job in prison is stitching American flags…

There are so many things wrong with the world that need fixing. I hope to be able to help make things better, if even just a little bit.

He’s planning to save the world before I can even gulp down my coffee in the morning.

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