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I’m baaack…


I'm ready to bloom again.


OK. No excuses, I haven’t blogged in months and months and there isn’t an excuse, but I can provide some reasons:

1. I was in a relationship

2. I was working like a madwoman

3. I moved

While none of these are great reasons (except, perhaps, the working one. We are in a recession after all. I’m happy to still have a job) they are the reasons  why this space hasn’t been updated lately.

Not to bore anyone with details, but I started dating Kyle seriously and didn’t feel comfortable blogging all the intimate aspects.

Overall we had a fine relationship, but it lacked serious sparks. It was good, but not great and I think everyone deserves great.

So, now I am a single gal in D.C. I’m ready to embrace my singledom and take full advantage of what this city has to offer.

Here’s to turning over a new leaf.


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